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Thought partnering
Problem solving
Thought partnering


A thought partner like a tennis partner needs to be skilful enough to challenge you and give you a good game.

As your Thought Partner I:


  • Listen really well

  • Challenge your thinking

  • Cause you to modify or change your paradigms, assumptions or actions

  • Have information or a way of thinking that provokes you to innovate or otherwise leads to value creation in your business, career or life

Problem solving



Creative problem solving as required by the business.  Bringing to bear a wealth of experience and skills:

  • I see the wood for the trees


Combining analytical smarts and business gut feel to creatively solve problems

  • My breadth of experience and skills enables me to get up to speed quickly and drive progress across several issues in parallel

No boiling the ocean - only analysis to inform a decision or help solve a problem, in a timely manner




What makes for a great coach?

It’s the extraordinary quality that solves problems and helps you come to a new level of understanding of what is possible.  And it’s the skill and talent to influence and guide others to make real breakthroughs and create lasting change

I see things as they are, not worse than they are and have a firm grasp on reality with the proper skills and knowledge to assess the situation and find the best path to move forward

Great coaches also have vision.  I can see things better than they are and help others to share in that idea, defining the future and making it real and attainable for others




What issues can I help you with?


  • Developing a better understanding of your market

  • Translating market understanding into effective strategy/plans/action


  • Determining what to do differently 'today' - including product/service development, positioning and selling.


  • Improving processes to increase effectiveness and efficiency

  • Re-organising and motivating staff to achieve stretching targets


  • Delivering results in people, organisation, business model and processes and most importantly performance – growing revenues and improving margins

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