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Experience - thrives on challenge

  • I started out as an industrial engineer, giving me an understanding of the interaction of people and processes and learning to motivate those I had no authority over


  • Moving to Shell I was promoted to full P&L responsibility for a £150 million business (growing revenues 40% in one year)


  • Following INSEAD and the classic three years in consulting at the Boston Consulting Group, I worked for GE and Pepsi, based in the US, driving change in Supply chain, Strategy and Marketing, across all the businesses including JV’s in India, China and Mexico


  • In between I turned around a UK retailer and then returned to the UK to head up a business for De La Rue


  • Having honed my skills and experience in over twenty years’ blue chip experience I have since worked in a wide range of businesses as an interim manager and independent consultant - producing very rapid results, but ones that are sustained beyond the end of my assignment. These are typically improvements in performance (revenue and profitability) and in organisational effectiveness for a variety of ownership models

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