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Image by Nick Fewings

​The Brain 

What you get
Bright, creative, strategic, analytical and quick to grasp difficult concepts and make them accessible to others
Corkscrew thinker

Corkscrew Thinkers are masters in storytelling, creativity, communication and problem-solving

Corkscrew Thinking describes individual's who aren't scared of challenging the Status Quo

Corkscrew Thinking describes people who are resilient to failure

Corkscrew Thinking led The Allies to victory in World War II

Breadth and depth of experience – multi sector, multinational, multi functions
  • FMCG, Business Services, Industrial, Fin-tech

  • Corporate, SMEs, PE owned, Start-ups, Not for profit

  • UK, Europe, USA, China, India, Mexico, Ethiopia

  • General Management, Marketing & Sales, Strategy & Planning, Operations

  • Revenue growth & Margin improvement

Unparalleled combination of intellect, gut feel and experience

O levels at 14, A level and open scholarship to Oxford at 16


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